Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby Baby Carrots

I kinda didn't take care of my little fall container garden too well, I guess. Something ate the spinach, but I caught it and killed it. I had only 1 pea plant sprout, but it didn't grow very well and it probably will not produce before the cold weather gets here.

The carrots produced beautiful green tops, but hardly any carrot underneath. So I picked them all, cooked them and had them for lunch today. They had such a glorious carrot smell and taste!

I think I am, of course, to blame for the results. I guess I didn't water too well or something. Next spring I will have a few raised beds with a drip system and timer set up. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Update on the Potted Citrus Trees

The transplant was 10 days ago. The lemon tree seemed to make it through pretty well. It lost maybe 1 leaf. The lime tree had a little more trouble adjusting. It was wilting a little on the top for several days. It would perk right up though when I gave it a little bit more water right around the trunk. I think perhaps that I didn't get the gritty mix up into the roots well enough.

They stayed in filtered sun after the transplant until about 2 days ago when I started leaving them in the sun for a couple hours each day. That was about all they could tolerate before they started showing signs of distress. I have seen new growth on both the lemon and lime trees so I actually fed them with some Foliage Pro.

So today I noticed that some of the leaves on the lemon are turning yellow. There's a larger leaf toward the bottom of the tree and some small ones near the top.

I also noticed that the small walnut sized lemon that has been there since I bought this tree has something on its underside.

I have been thinking for some time now about where I will overwinter them. I think I will put them in the garage with a light since there are no windows in the garage. The corner I will put them in joins the house so I think it will be warm enough for them. I will just have to monitor things.

The plan is to go the cooler temps and less lighting for the key lime and the new Meyer lemon I bought. The first Meyer will probably go upstairs in the laundry room. It has a sunny window, but will probably need supplemental lighting as well.