Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Took the Plunge and an Update

I couldn't wait another day. I have had my tomato and pepper  plants in their little pots long enough. I transplanted them today. I probably should have done it earlier in the morning, it was kinda hot and sunny. And they are still kinda wilted looking.

I had to do the trench method on the tomatoes because they were so tall and somewhat leggy. I got 3 of them planted just fine, then on the 4th...snap! I broke the stem. It didn't break completely in half. I hope it makes it, but I'm not holding my breath. I will have to replace it with a store bought one, it is a cherry tomato.

I have a flower on one of the tomatoes, I think it's the one that I broke. And flowers on most of the peppers, with 2 tiny little banana peppers already growing. It's so exciting.

The strawberries have all leafed out, even the few that I thought were duds. We have taken leaves from the lettuce for a salad once so far. Everything is doing fine.

I have noticed the last several days that we have had a whole bunch of fuzzy caterpillar/worm things. I don't know what they are, but I don/t want them eating my garden. So I killed every one I came across.

Today, I also planted some more carrots, bush beans, a lemon cucumber, a green cucumber, and a honey dew melon. I planted some shallots last week and they have started coming up, I noticed.

So, now I have 3 of my boxes completely planted. I have 1 more box that I will plant a sugar baby watermelon and a pie pumpkin, probably in a couple weeks.

UPDATE: 5.11.14 I harvested a whole head of lettuce yesterday. It is really beautiful, not a blemish. I also noticed that both cucumbers are about an inch tall and the honeydew has sprouted. The bush beans are really growing fast, I will have to thin out a few of them. And the yellow onions are starting to sprout as well. Exciting!
I should also note that the tomato plant that I broke shows no signs of problems yet, but I will keep a close watch on it. While I was out there I also pinched off several suckers.

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