Thursday, June 26, 2014

Peas & Carrots ... and an update

Today I pulled the peas plants out of the garden, they went to the compost pile. I could have pulled them a few days ago since nothing else was growing on them, but I wanted to be sure.

I didn't get very many peas even though I had 8 plants. I'm not sure how many I was supposed to get, but I will plant more next time. I ended up with about half a sandwich bag of shelled peas. I put them on a cookie sheet to freeze then I will bag them and store in the freezer. I read that lots of people do not blanch their peas so I will try it that way.

I also pulled a few carrots from the garden. I wanted baby carrot size carrots and that's what these are, one of them is a little big. And look at that one, looks like carrot pants.

I might just cook my peas and carrots together!

I have more carrots coming in finally. I'm gonna throw out this seed and get a new packet next time, I had such poor germination with these.

One of my cucumbers has a few flowers on it, yay! But it is only about 4" tall, hasn't even reached the trellis yet.

And the watermelon has taken off big time. It too has some flowers on it.

The strawberries have stopped producing, don't know if that's normal or not. I gotta look into it.

I picked one cherry tomato and will probably pick 2 Jimmy Nardello peppers tomorrow, they're almost done.

I added more compost to the square where I pulled the peas. I planted 3 pole beans there today too. And, speaking of the compost pile. I actually have 2 in different stages of breakdown. The original one has got clumps of grass growing in it. Every once in a while I pull them out of there. But I am wondering what I will be doing with the compost anyway since I have a bunch already bagged. So today Ty planted some pumpkin seeds in it, 5 in all. We'll see what happens.

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