Saturday, June 7, 2014

Small Harvest

Today I decided that the cauliflower was not going to form any heads so I chopped them off. They were humongous and shading other things in the garden so they had to go.

I decided to cut the broccoli out as well. I did get a small little bunch of broccoli though. That's so amazing to me!

And I cut my 2 heads of cabbage. They look fantastic!

I picked 1 banana pepper too because I'm making fajitas and thought I could use it in them.

I get a big handful of strawberries on a daily basis. I try to eat them but mostly I freeze them. I noticed a tiny little green inchworm in the strawberry bed. I ordered some BT to use on the beds.

And I pick lettuce whenever I want a salad.

I'm loving this little garden of mine!

You can see a little damage on one of the cabbages. That was done by Liam. He was "helping" me in the garden and had his water gun. Well he pow powed the poor cabbage. 

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